mike and jen's cocoa mobile

Same great cocoa.
Now on wheels.

The True Story of Our Cocoa Mobile

It all started at the 2017 Duluth Winter Village, where our cocoa made a big splash. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

We realized that our cocoa wasn’t meant only for kitchen cabinets. That, if we could figure out a way to bring our cocoa to the people, the people would rejoice.

But enough cocoa to slake a crowd’s thirst? That’s not exactly portable. We needed a home base with wheels, a mobile lab where we could whip up fresh batches to please the masses.

That’s where the delivery truck came in, which wasn’t easy to find. We scoured the country. We were willing to drive anywhere, fly anywhere, if it meant securing the mobile magic maker of our dreams.

Then, one day, we found it. Way up north near the border, parked in a yard, resigned to a life of lawn ornamentation. We bought it, brought it home, and gave it a full Mike and Jen’s makeover.

It may have hauled newspapers in the 70s. But it’s carrying something a whole lot sweeter, now.

It’s Cocoa-a-gogo

Check back for more event appearances.